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Earth Angel Gardening owner and designer, Gabrielle Solomon, a native San Franciscan, has been working in the field of interior design since 1980 and garden design for the last seventeen years. In 1995 she decided to focus on her first love, gardens. She has personally maintained several of her beautifully designed gardens for over 12 years. Gabrielle's careful, observant, and long term attention to gardens enables her to nurture and improve them as they mature. Click to read more...

Her varied personal and professional design and gardening talents give her the skills to understand and work with the micro climates and soils that distinguish the Bay Area's unique beauty. “I understand the importance, value, beauty and the natural tranquility of a garden which provides a place to relax, a haven for your children and pets, or a place to entertain friends and family.” She successfully combines her extensive art background with the artistic and practical creation of a garden.
degrees and memberships
  • BFA in Environmental Design, from California College of the Arts, Oakland, CA
  • Horticulture Studies at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco for two years.
  • Professional Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers.
  • California Council for Interior Design Certification — Certified Interior DesignerClick to read more...
  • Member of Filoli in Woodside, CA.
  • Award winning watercolorist, weaver and ceramist — honored as most successful entrepreneur — San Francisco Magazine, 1989.
After many years of hiring well meaning, but inexperienced gardeners, we found Gabrielle at "Earth Angel Gardening." Our garden was overgrown and we were anxious for someone who would focus on the details. Gabrielle was the answer and we are so happy with her work. She is smart, skilled and collaborative and she is truly a gift to us. We love our garden and we have Gabrielle to thank!

– Susie and Carl (clients for 10 years)

Gabrielle transformed my overgrown bramble jungle into a beautiful oasis, tranquil and intriguing. She listened to my preferences for color and shape and then scoured the Bay Area to find the perfect plants. She even surprised me with unexpected suggestions that became my favorites. All of her sub-contractors have been professional, courteous and capable.

– Sandra

Gabrielle believes that gardens add beauty and worth to a person's home. The trees, plants, pathways, and water features of Gabrielle's gardens provide an ideal environment for birds, butterflies, and beneficial bugs to shelter and thrive. She builds strong relationships with her clients to ensure that every project is in line with the client's dreams, wishes, and requirements. Every new project is approached as a partnership. She works with you to accommodate your special situation, desires, budget and timeline.

Through experience and love of transforming garden spaces, she also understands that the site will influence the final design. Over the years she has discovered that each garden contains it's own wisdom. Gabrielle listens to what the “garden says,” which leads to unique, elegant, and practical solutions for every design. Simply put, she works intuitively with the site, the plants, and her clients, which leads to original, beautiful, and remarkable results.

How Gabrielle works with you
For more detailed information call or email:
  • Initial Consultation

  • A complementary half hour meeting at your home or business.

  • Design

  • If you would like ideas for sprucing up an existing garden Gabrielle will work with you over a two to three hour brain storming session. She will give you specific advice that you can use to improve the look of the garden and resources for plants, reputable contractors and gardeners and suppliers for other items you may need.

  • If you decide that you would like Earth Angel Gardening to custom design part or all of your garden then we will schedule a second visit to take pictures, measure your site, and discuss specific goals and requirements for your garden. She will then draw several possible design plans which will be sketched to scale.

    Once you have approved the design, a final, master plan will be drafted detailing the completed design of your garden including all materials, plants and a planting plan.

  • Installation

  • Gabrielle will schedule and oversee the entire implementation of your garden. She works closely with a team of professional experts in the fields of construction, stonework, irrigation, water features, planting and other disciplines needed to complete the garden in a timely manner.

  • Maintenance

  • Gabrielle can maintain the garden for you or recommend talented and knowledgeable gardeners guaranteeing that your garden will continue to flourish and thrive for years. This will protect and insure your investment and provide you with a beautiful garden that has been custom-made for you.

  • Fees and Items of Interest

  • Gabrielle works within an hourly fee structure. She is sensitive to each client's budget and time frame. Please contact her for more specific information.

  • It has been documented that landscaping adds approximately 15% to the value of your home.

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